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Welcome to Beekay

Beekay has been your most trusted partner in Automobile Genuine Parts, Accessories and Lubricants for more than 2 decades.

Beekay began its journey in 1990 with Eicher Authorised Service Centre and within a year diversified into Parts Distribution Business with a mission to proliferate genuine parts across the state of Uttar Pradesh to ensure ease of availability of parts for customers. Today we are known for our best services and customer friendly approach in the Automotive parts and lubricants distribution industry.

Beekay offers a wide range of Genuine parts, accessories and lubricants to its customers and is an established name in Automotive parts Distribution, Retail and 3PL.

We are proud to have VECV, Maruti, Mahindra, Royal Enfield, Tata Motors, Shell and Goodyear as our Business partners.

Why us


Genuine Parts for Durability , Safety and Value for Money . We at Beekay believe in long term relationship with our customers and to ensure that we only deal with the best brands and sell 100% Genuine and high quality products to our customers.


As we say "Genuine hai to Safe hai". We care for safety of our customers and are responsible for minimising the environmental hazards . Spurious and low-quality parts are one of the main cause of road accidents and environmental pollution in India . Genuine parts are trustworthy , durable and environmental friendly.


Timely availability of parts is crucial for our customers and we ensure that all our customers get parts within 24 hours. We have our Retail Outlets and Parts Distribution Centres located at strategic locations so that we can deliver parts On-time, Everytime to our customers.


At Beekay our Mission is to make our customers successful and hence we not only sell the parts but also help our customers in enhancing their sales by conducting various demand generation activities , educate the mechanics and conduct various trainings , we help our customers and mechanics to make the best use of digital platforms in order to stay informed and updated on technical upgradation in vehicles and products.


A Transparent work environment leads to great trust and trust in an organization is paramount to its success. We encourage and practice direct and honest communication. "Say what you mean, mean what you say and do what you say you will do".


On time delivery of Parts is crucial in our business . The parts have to be delivered at promised time to the customers such that the end customers can be served by putting up her/his vehicle on road . We have a dedicated fleet of delivery vans which operate on different routes to serve the customer needs . The drivers are trained to take proper safety measures and safe delivery of material.


Beekay has always been a Pro Technology Company . We continuously innovate and invest in technology to improve our connect with customers, team and all other stake holder. We work with a goal as to how we can make things simple and easy for our customers and ourselves.


Our team of inspired , passionate and customer centric individuals envisage to uphold our high standard of Trust, Responsiveness and Customer Satisfaction. We ensure regular coaching and up skilling of all our team to keep with the pace of technology.

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